Elka Suspension – First Choice Of Bikers

When the time to shop the first mountain bike comes, the last thing considered by most of the novice bikers is the bikes suspension system. Like bigger vehicles, nowadays bikes also come with a built-in suspension system.  It helps in handling the bike in rough terrain. At the time of purchasing a new bike, you should really take a look at what kind of suspension you are getting with it. The suspension may be provided built-in by the manufacturer of the bike or you can buyand install suspension afterward. There are many company producing mountain bike suspension but the most well-known and trusted brand of all is Elka suspension for mountain bikes.

Elka Suspension Elka Suspension – First Choice Of Bikers

There are three different types of bikes you can choose from according to suspension. The first one is a bike without any suspension. These are called “rigid” bikes because they not only lack suspension but also springs and pistons. They are the cheapest and simplest of all bikes. Mostly these bikes are preferred by the newbies and school going children. These are very light weight and great to ride trails and paved streets. But the problem with these is that you cannot get off-road or to the hilly areas. The ride will be very bumpy in that case.

The second type of bikes is the “hard tail”. This bike does have some sort of suspension but only in the front wheel of the bike and this suspension is called fork. This is the type of suspension found in every other bike today available in big stores that is produced in great quantity.  Despite the fact that rigid bikes suit most of the bikers, many bikers are going for hard tails. They are good for the off-road biking as they absorb the shocks effectively. They can also be paddled faster than full suspension bikes because the bounce effect is very less in the back as the suspension resides with the front wheel only. But this causes front suspension getting loose frequently and it requires more maintenance.

Full suspension bike is the last in the category. These bikes were first manufactures in the early nineties and are popular since then. They have got suspension units on both ends of the bike frame and not only in front part like hard tails. The look of these bikes is very attractive and they resemble to a motor bike in shape. This type of suspension gives maximum comfort during ride and the rider does not face much bumps and shocks. These bikes are best suited for mountain biking, mountain racing or adventures. The suspension might be pre-installed in the bike or you can buy the bike without it and add suspension of your choice. Buy Elka suspension for mountain bikesand enjoy a comfortable ride. The suspension might cost you a little but the advantages are incomparable to the cost and outweigh it. If you want to buy a new bike and can afford full suspension, do not try to save a few bucks and buy it.

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